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February 19 - Regional Conference - The Power of Enoughness

Leaving Scarcity Behind to Create Real Sustainability

Leaders of community benefit organizations often find themselves faced with the “scarcity mindset.” Whether it is coming from colleagues or board members, donors or sometimes even ourselves, it is hard to escape the common theme that resources are scarce, and we must each find a way to get the biggest possible piece of that finite pie. 

In Hildy Gottlieb keynote she will open our eyes to a different way of seeing resources. Using the lens of Collective Enoughness, Hildy will introduce us to the resource development theory that suggests, “Together, we have everything we need; it is only on our own that we experience scarcity.”

Hildy will guide us through a series of questions we can ask in our everyday work, to help us see the difference between abundant resources and scarce resources. She will share practical tools we can all implement immediately to identify and engage those new resources. And she will help us see how traditional methods of fundraising can be aligned in new ways, to strengthen our organizations while simultaneously strengthening our communities - a win win for everyone!

This session is for development professionals who are eager to help their whole organization move beyond scarcity, to build strong programs upon a foundation of the abundant resources our communities have to share.

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