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2016 Regional Conference

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Sentinel Hotel
614 SW 11th Avenue
Portland, OR 97205

7:15 - 4:30pm ● Registration Opens - Table Staffed All Day

Check In and Nametags will be ready at 7:15am. The registration table will be staffed all day if you need assistance or have any questions.

7:30 - 8:30am Breakfast Buffet & Table Discussions

Registration opens at 7:30am. Full breakfast buffet and one hour to provide you the opportunity to meet with people who have like-minded interests. Tables are designated by areas of interest including: Animals, Arts, Community, Education, Environment, Health, Housing, and Social Services, as well as WVDO Affinity Groups: Data Information, Development Directors, Major Gifts, Monthly Giving, Planned Giving, Special Events, Strategic Planning, and Small Shops. There will also be several open tables for general seating, where numerous topics can be discussed or time can be spent getting caught up with long lost friends.

8:30 – 8:45am ● Welcome with Agnes Zach  

Agnes Zach, Executive Director of WVDO will welcome you to the conference and share WVDO’s strategic plan and what’s in store for 2016. 
8:45 - 9:15am ● A Fundraiser-Centering Session with Ali Matt, RYT 

The inner life fuels the life of service.

Compassion is not doing good because we think we ought to, but being drawn to action by heartfelt passion. A career of service often means giving ourselves to what we are doing, and being present in the moment—no matter how difficult, heavy, or how much it demands of our time and energy. It is working with others in a selfless way, in a spirit of mutual respect.

At times, do you find that your passion for service is overshadowed by stress or fatigue - that your tank is empty? Do you take time to care for yourself, to refuel? Together we’ll explore the qualities of self-compassion—a quiet mind, an open heart, moving meditation, and a clear presence.  Learn ways to center yourself to fuel your service in society.

9:15 - 11:45am ● Morning Keynote - Under the to unleash young donors' philanthropy with Penelope Burk

A common but dangerous assumption in fundraising is that donors are what they give – that those making modest donations are capable of that level of giving while those giving above the norm are candidates for the major donor category. It’s dangerous for fundraisers to think that way because it leaves money on the table. 40% of donors in the recent  Burk Donor Survey said they held their philanthropy back last year; and the ones most likely to say they were giving less than they could were under the age of 35.

In this new and thought-provoking address, Penelope Burk unfolds a compelling case for stewarding young donors’ philanthropy now. Drawing from current research with over 20,000 donors, Penelope explains why young donors’ strong commitment to philanthropy is not translating into more loyal and more generous giving and what fundraisers can do to turn that situation around.

In Under the Radar, Penelope discusses:

  • How fundraisers can capitalize on young donors’ optimism about the future by communicating a different message
  • Why young donors are critical to improving stagnant or declining donor acquisition programs
  • How young donors connect giving and volunteering and what that means for not-for-profits and their Boards
  • Which fundraising beliefs and practices create a barrier to giving for young donors and how to make quick and cost-effective changes that will make it easier for young people to give
  • How a donor-centered model is vital for retaining young donors and inspiring them to give more generously sooner.

Penelope also offers not-for-profit decision-makers a glimpse into the not-too-distant future – a future where young donors occupy the high-paying management positions currently held by baby-boomers. That future, she calculates, is just around the corner. Not-for-profits that expect to capitalize on the innate generosity of Gen-X and Gen-Y donors need to take action now to ensure a profitable fundraising future.

12:00 - 1:45pm ● Plated Lunch - How can philanthropy further equity, impact and innovation with Candy Solovjovs

Candy Solovjovs is Director of Programs and an Executive Team member at the Meyer Memorial Trust, one of the largest private foundations in the Pacific Northwest, with assets of more than $740 million and annual giving in excess of $46 million.

Candy joined Meyer in 2007 and leads programmatic strategy to cultivate a flourishing and equitable Oregon. She oversees grantmaking, program related investments, special initiatives and partnerships, convening and other activities to further Meyer’s priorities: equitable education, housing opportunities, a healthy environment and vibrant and inclusive communities. Under her leadership, Meyer’s programs have increased support for operating funds, advocacy, systems change and innovative strategies to make life in Oregon better for all of our residents. She is currently leading the redesign of Meyer’s programs and spearheaded the recent refresh of Meyer’s Affordable Housing Initiative.

2:00 - 4:30pm ● Afternoon Keynote - If I Only Had the Time with Penelope Burk

What can relationship fundraisers actually accomplish in a 40-hour week? According to Penelope Burk, much more than they currently do.

In If I Only Had the Time, Penelope presents compelling findings from five years of research with professional fundraisers, CEOs, Board members and donors on what it takes to build a high performance fundraising team. And, she says, “Of all the issues I explored, how fundraisers and their managers think about and use time, was the most interesting.”

Join in the interactive discussion as Penelope presents her research findings on managing fundraisers for optimum performance. You will be intrigued by what she found, such as…

  • why gifts officers spend only 55% of a 40-hour week actually doing their job;
  • why, when and how to hold meetings for optimum results…and what to avoid;
  • where and when fundraisers get important work done and what this says about office culture;
  • why overtime is not the solution to an unmanageable job description;
  • what the #1 rule is for managing staff and why it gets broken all the time;
  • why spending less time managing actually yields better performance

You may never again think the same way about management and productivity.

4:30 - 5:30pm ● Happy Hour at JackKnife 

Join us in the hip bar on the first floor of the Sentinel Hotel.


Tickets  WVDO Member Non

All Day Ticket - Includes Breakfast, Morning Keynote on Donor Centered Fundraising with Penelope Burk, Lunch with Candy Solovjovs, Afternoon Keynote on Donor Centered Leadership with Penelope Burk, and Happy Hour at Jack Knife

$300 $425

Morning Ticket - Includes Breakfast, Morning Keynote on Donor Centered Fundraising with Penelope Burk, and Lunch with Candy Solovjovs

$200  $275

Afternoon Ticket - Includes Lunch with Candy Solovjovs, Afternoon Keynote on Donor Centered Leadership, and Happy Hour at Jack Knife 

$200 $275

Lunch Ticket - Lunch with Candy Solovjovs

$60 $80


Pricing (effective after 2/10/2015)
WVDO Member NonMember

Keynote Breakfast (ONLY) with Hildy Gottlieb   $80 $95
Full Day (includes Keynote Breakfast, 3 Breakouts & Lunch) $350 $445

Pricing (effective after 2/10/2015)
WVDO Member NonMember

Keynote Breakfast (ONLY) with Hildy Gottlieb   $80 $95
Full Day (includes Keynote Breakfast, 3 Breakouts & Lunch) $350 $445

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